Are you frustrated by a piano you love that's got sticky keys and a horrible tone?

We make pianos play and sound like new so you can get back to playing the music you love.
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Let's fix the issues that hold you back from enjoying your piano.

Here is how we will help you enjoy playing your piano again
Sound Like New
Your piano will play and sound like new with a better tone and response under your fingers.
Get Expert Help
Have confidence that your piano is in the hands of a trained expert.
Sound Amazing Again
Confidently play the music you love without the piano getting in the way.
Whether it is a cherished antique instrument or a modern piano, Blake and his team are experts at bringing pianos back to life.

From the smallest upright to the largest grand, every piano should both sound and play at its best. You deserve to have a piano with a beautiful tone that plays at top performance. Don’t settle for typical piano tuners who only make basic pitch adjustments.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced piano player, a piano that doesn’t play at its best will stop you from advancing. And when your piano plays as well as it sounds, you will enjoy your piano like never before.

Finally, you can play music without the piano getting in the way of your creativity!

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"Thank you for your prompt and professional services...
Elizabeth is enjoying becoming reacquainted with her piano after a long period of musical abstinence. She has been playing everyday since the major tuneup on her father's piano. It has been wonderful to see her getting back in touch with it, as there is a great deal of sentimental attachment to her Dad's cherished instrument." - Jeff
"He was able to fix some problems that the previous piano tuner couldn't, and I was very pleased with his work
We own an antique piano that is a cherished family heirloom and I wanted to make sure that the person who tunes it is familiar with pianos from that era. After speaking with Blake on the phone, I felt that he was the right choice and fortunately he proved me right." - Karen
"Mr. Hardin did an excellent job tuning my piano...
I hadn't gotten it tuned in over 10 years and my son who has an ear for music kept complaining. Afterwards, my son checked it out and gave it a thumbs up." - Darlene
"Our piano has never sounded so beautiful!...
We are very pleased with our services from Blake. He is extremely knowledgeable and honest and did a fantastic job. We highly recommend Blake for all your piano needs!" - Chris
"Blake's magic has ignited my desire to take up playing again...
"I was thrilled to find Blake at Valley Piano Tuning. My piano had not been tuned in over 20 years, so I researched thoroughly before choosing my tuning company. Blake Hardin at Valley Piano has extensive training and was up front about the cost. I could not be happier with the sound of my piano now. Thank you Valley Piano Tuning!" - Delta
"Blake is the best. Highly recommend his services.
I'm confident that he's one of the best piano tuners around." - Jonathon

Your Piano Should Look And Sound Amazing

Watch this video to learn about the difference working with Valley Tuning makes:
Your piano needs more than just a simple tuning to play at its best.
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Get Inspired To Play Again
You will be inspired to play more than ever with a piano that sounds and feels like new.
Imagine how confident you will feel to finally sit down and play the music you love at a piano that sounds like it should.

Rediscover your passion for playing piano when you schedule an appointment today.

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