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If it has been more than a year since your piano was serviced, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. There is nothing like sitting down at a freshly tuned piano!

Having a well-tuned piano is essential for musicians of all skill levels and basic instrument care. Most music that you play or listen to was recorded at the standard pitch of A440. This means the A above middle C is tuned to the frequency of A440. This is what our ear has become used to and any slight change in standard pitch and chords can sound dramatically out of tune.

Your piano goes out of tune because of changes in temperature and humidity.

These changes affect the pressure on the strings and soundboard causing the pitch of the piano to change over time.

If a piano is not at standard A440 pitch it will need a pitch adjustment to be at standard pitch again. This means your piano must be tuned twice. One time through to bring everything back to an average tension level, and then another time through to fine-tune everything.

What you need to know about tuning your piano.

A small pitch adjustment is usually needed when a piano has sat for two years or more without a tuning. Pianos that have sat for 10-20 years may need two large pitch adjustments before they can be fine-tuned

Pianos should be tuned every 6 months to a year to keep the 240 strings stable and sound at their best. The more often a piano is tuned, the easier it is to keep in tune.

If kept on a regular tuning schedule, the piano will always be at a standard pitch and only need fine-tuning. A competent piano tech will also spot small problems on routine visits before they become major issues.

How often should your piano be tuned?

New pianos should be tuned 4 times for the first year, as their large wooden structure and cast-iron plate are still settling. Your piano will always be tuned up to standard pitch unless requested otherwise.

Tuning is always done in one appointment and takes anywhere from an hour to two hours depending on the piano's condition. We service both grand and upright pianos.

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