Meet Your Guide To Restoring Your Piano To Its Beautiful Sound
Blake and his team are experts in all things piano.

From the smallest upright to the largest grand, every piano should both sound and play at its best.

You deserve to have a piano with a beautiful tone that plays at top performance.

Don’t settle for typical piano tuners who only make basic pitch adjustments.

What You Need To Know About Blake's Story

As a child, I took piano lessons but my piano never played very well. 

Even after being tuned by a local tuner, it sounded better but played the same. The keys were still sloppy and hard to control and I couldn’t play soft passages. Because of these problems I did not want to play it much less take time to practice!

The truth is that the tuner never fully inspected the piano.

If he did he could have told me that with a few adjustments my piano could sound and play like new, I didn’t have to be frustrated with the piano!

Starting The Piano Business

When we started our business we quickly learned that our customer’s pianos were not playing at their best either. Past tuners did basic pitch adjustments but never gave the piano a full inspection.

Because of this our customers were left in the dark not realizing that their piano was not playing at top performance, whether you are a beginner or advanced musician, a piano that doesn’t play at its best will stop you from advancing.

When your piano plays as good as it sounds, you will enjoy your piano like never before. Finally, you can play music without the piano getting in the way of your creativity!

No matter what service you choose we promise to give your piano a full assessment & condition report to evaluate the performance potential of each instrument. So let’s bring your piano up to its full potential

A piano that both sounds and plays at its best will allow you to become the musician that you have always wanted to be.

You Don't Have To Settle For An Out Of Tune Piano

You and your piano deserve the best.

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Your piano needs more than just a simple tuning to play at its best.
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