What can you expect when purchasing a piano from us?

Every piano that makes it to our sales floor is guaranteed to give you and your family a lifetime of music and enjoyment!
Pianos that have major structural defects, large amounts of veneer flaking off from high exposure to humidity, and those that have been painted or unprofessionally refinished are not accepted as sellable instruments.
Every piano is subject to a rigorous inspection before it is considered for your purchase.
Every piano that comes through the door is cleaned, and lubricated, and all repairs are made to the instrument.
The Process For Getting A Piano Ready To Buy
Pianos = Complex

Regulation is the process of aligning and adjusting the playing mechanisms of the piano to play and function like new.

  • 9,000 parts: The piano is the most complex piece of machinery in an average home.
  • 4,500 movable parts: 4500 of the 9000 parts to a piano are moveable.
  • 30 adjustments: 30 adjustments can be made on a single key.
The piano has an intricate design of gears and levers that are all linked to each other.
Think of regulation the same as tuning up a car.

If a car sits for a while it will need a tune-up. After a car has had a tune-up it drives and functions much smoother than before. 

The same thing happens when a piano is regulated. The piano plays much smoother, has a greater dynamic range, and even has a much better tone.

A regulation generally averages around 8 hours to complete in an average upright and around 12 hours to complete in a grand piano, not including cleaning and repairs.

After the regulation process is completed the piano is given a good tune-up and put out on the sales floor for your purchase.

There is nothing like a real acoustic piano! The feel, the tone - nothing comes close!

Valley Piano Tuning is committed to offering you outstanding customer satisfaction. All of our pianos come with 1-year parts and labour warranty.

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