Looking to purchase a used piano?

If so you will want to have it evaluated before purchase. This ensures that you are not wasting your money on a piano that needs thousands of dollars in repairs to be usable.

A piano evaluation is a professional inspection of a piano from top to bottom by a trained piano technician. (Not all piano tuners are piano technicians.) All parts are inspected such as keys, felts, tuning pins, strings, bridges, soundboard, and structure.

What you need to know

People do not realize how complex the piano is and believe since the outside looks good, the inside must be equally as good. But a pretty piano case does not always mean a good piano! This is why pianos are found on Craigslist that the seller sincerely believes is in excellent condition. They will say “It just needs a tune up.” Many times, the seller is not trying to be dishonest about the piano, but they just don’t understand how complex they are.

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