Wouldn’t it be amazing if your piano could play as well as it did the day it was delivered to your home?

Perhaps over the years, you have noticed that the piano has become extremely bright, keys feel uneven or sloppy, or it has become hard or impossible to play softly. All of these problems can be corrected with a regulation.

What you need to know

Regulation is the process of aligning and adjusting the playing mechanisms of the piano to function like new. Your piano has an intricate design of gears and levers that are all linked to each other and is the most complex piece of machinery in an average home having around 8000 parts.

When new from the factory, it was well regulated (adjusted) with a very responsive touch allowing you to repeat notes quickly along with giving you precise control over volume and tone. But over the years, the thousands of wood felt, and leather parts wear down and must be readjusted to play at their best again.

Sound amazing again on your piano when you schedule an appointment today.

After having your piano regulated (readjusted) you will notice a far tighter feel to the keys, greater dynamic control over soft and loud notes, and a vastly improved tone.

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Your piano needs more than just a simple tuning to play at its best.
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