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At Valley Piano Tuning and Repair, we want you to be able to get the most out of your piano and play the music you love best, whether that’s classical, jazz, rock, gospel or some other genre.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano. Or you already play but want to learn new types of music. But the same old drills are boring for the beginner, and for intermediate and advanced players, you may be using outdated, frustrating methods or you aren’t really sure where to start.

Fortunately, there’s Rocket Piano. It’s an online course that includes hundreds of sound files, pictures, diagrams and video lessons as well as step-by-step instructions training you to read music and also play by ear.

With Rocket Piano, you’ll also learn how to improvise and play with the feel of a professional. The course has been designed to be the easiest system you can find to learn to play piano.

Its award-winning team is made up of passionate musicians and music teachers with a combined 30 years of experience in teaching, playing and performing. Rocket has made it its mission to make learning piano easier and more accessible.

And it even offers a free beginner’s course!

But the proof is in the playing, to borrow from a popular phrase. So what are students and music reviewers saying about Rocket Piano?


Student Cathy Howes says: “This course would be the best purchase made in my lifetime, and you may quote me in future advertising. I’m spreading the word to all my friends.”


Excited and grateful student George William sent a video review:


“This is the greatest. It’s not slow, it’s not boring and I’m really enjoying this. I’ve gone through the lessons, and I’m good at piano! I was at a party the other night and they had a piano there, and I sat down and I entertained people at the party with my piano playing. That’s how good I’ve become in just a short time. Thank you!”

 ROCKET PIANO REVIEW 3: A SOLID PROGRAM is a destination for musicians, rappers, singers, songwriters and music producers. In its review of Rocket Piano, it said, “Should You Buy: YES. It is a solid program for learning how to play the piano. It delves into everything beginners need to know and gives you a solid plan to practice things that will make you a better pianist.

 “It is a traditional system of piano teaching. The focus and methodology are similar to what you’d get with private tutorials with most piano teachers – you’ll learn scales, theory and sight reading.”


 Old Time Music is a site that reviews anything to do with music. When it comes to Rocket Piano, reviewer Paul Thompson had this to say:

 “Rocket Piano is a viable, legit program. You will get high-quality lessons for a low price. You will be able to impress your peers with your knowledge of piano. You will notice your progress, and you will not regret your choice of purchasing the Rocket Piano program. Do not pass up this excellent chance to learn piano in an exciting way.”


 In its September 2020 review of best online piano lessons, musicoomph said this about Rocket Piano:

 “Rocket Piano offers an exciting alternative to typical online piano lesson platforms. What’s neat about this course is its low cost and the 60-day refund period. In terms of what you get, there are 57 videos, six PDF files, 26 MP3s, and some software tools that will help you play along and improve your piano knowledge.”


In her video review, MichaelValentine80 was impressed by the step-by-step, easy-to-follow lessons that can take you from a complete beginner to an advanced pianist.


“Learning to play piano or keyboard may actually be easier than you thought, especially if you are one of those people who thinks that taking private piano lessons is essential for learning piano. 

 “But Rocket Piano is proof that one can learn to play piano without taking any private piano lessons. You can learn to play piano with Rocket Piano just as good as someone who is taking private piano lessons. By doing so, you will save a lot of money and time. You can determine your own piano learning schedule; you are absolutely free.”


 Ben, a beginning piano player, raves about Rocket Piano: 

 “THE BEST piano course on the market for its price. I highly recommend it, and you should definitely get it to improve your piano playing skills.

 “Learning the basics is not the only thing you’ll learn with Rocket Piano because you’ll also discover how to perform the trickiest of piano skills. That’s over 10 years’ worth of expensive and hard-won information in a simple and easy-to-follow format presented by Ruth—all her comprehensive knowledge at your fingertips!”

These reviewers all agree …

That Rocket Piano is a great way to learn piano quickly and at a great price.

 So if you want to make the best purchase of your life like Cathy or amaze and entertain your friends and family at parties and special occasions (holiday carols, anyone?) like George, head to Rocket Piano now and sign up. Remember, you get the beginner’s course free.

 It’s risk free.

 The learning kit comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. So try it; if it doesn’t live up to your expectations and everything we say and help you to dramatically improve your piano playing, you can email for a full refund.