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As a piano technician spending hours making phone calls and sending emails to try and book your next appointment is tiring! After all you want to service pianos not constantly chase customers down to book their next appointment. And the more customers you have the more the phone calls and emails you have to send pile up. You soon realize you have created a second full time job for yourself as your own office manager! And with no pay for all of that extra work! But what if you could spend less time chasing customers and more time servicing pianos. Gazelle will allow you to do just that for far cheaper than hiring an office manager!

What exactly is Gazelle?

Gazelle is a complete, all-in-one solution for piano technicians, that lets you seamlessly run your business from your smart phone or computer. Since you can run your business from anywhere you will not have to spend extra hours when you get home manually entering in customer data. Gazelle's mobile app makes it easy to access your client database, send invoices, send repair estimates, and even book your client’s next service appointment before you leave the home. Talk about a major time savor! Gazelle offers you everything you need to run a successful piano service business. Gazelle lets you:

    • Seamlessly manage a team of technicians or your own business on either your phone or computer
    • Let’s your clients book their own appointments so you don't have to enter in all that data manually
    • Notifies you as soon as a client tries to schedule an appointment so that you can review it for approval.
    • Automatically sends your clients an email and text reminder the day before the appointment
    • Automatically calculates drive times between appointments to keep your schedule within a certain area
    • Easily create an Estimate or Condition report recommending specific repairs alongside pictures of the client’s piano
    • After completing a job easily send the client an invoice to let them pay online or let them pay in person
    • Automatically sends your clients an email or text reminder when a piano is due for service
    • Offers integration with QuickBooks accounting software to make your life easier at tax time
    • Offers live chat during business hours, excellent help articles and amazing customer support through phone or email if you get stuck
    • Offers free world class training on topics like launching a company, simplifying your service model, and pricing your services.

Does Gazelle sound like a good fit for you?Click here to get started, and you'll get a $100 gift card when you pay for your first month of service!

Not only does Gazelle help you save time with your day to day work it gives your clients an easy way to do business with you as well. If our customers have to jump through hoops to have their piano tuned they will go elsewhere. I have used other customer management systems that were supposed to be designed for piano technicians. But they were all lacking in updates, features and help! Gazelle is constantly getting updates and new features added to improve our businesses at a very reasonable price!

If I sign up for Gazelle, how will they deal with all my existing customer data?

I have spoken to many piano technicians who would love to use Gazelle and even praise it for all of its innovations.

However, when it comes down to hitting that start trial button they freeze up wondering how in the world they would get 20 years of customer data in to an online system?

But whether it's 20 years of paper documents or electronic data in any format, Gazelle has you covered. I even had my files in a simple notepad database and all my data was imported successfully!

Gazelle has a team that they hire just for the purpose of importing data. That’s what they do day in and day out so you don't have to worry about a thing! They will even import your data for free when you sign up for a free trial.

Ready to take Gazelle for a spin?Click here to get started, and you'll get a $100 gift card when you pay for your first month of service!

Letting your clients book their own appointments

With Gazelle, Client's don't have to wait for you to be available by phone to book an appointment.

They can reserve an appointment online when it is convenient for them and Gazelle immediately notifies you as soon as you have a pending reservation that needs to be approved.

With the Gazelle app I receive a notification when they try to schedule and all I have to do is take a second to approve it. If it is a new client trying to schedule Gazelle will automatically create a new record for them without you having to type in tons of data! I personally hate typing in lots of customer data :)

Before I used Gazelle I would let customer data build up in my phone and emails before doing anything with it. And this only added more time to my work week. But Gazelle makes it easy because it creates the record for me when the customer types in their data!

If you have a repeat client it also makes it easy for them as they do not have to type in all their data again when scheduling the next appointment.

Gazelle lets you set up scheduling rules to keep your driving distance within a certain limit between appointments and automatically helps fill out your day by showing clients your next available time slot.

Gazelle can send AUTOMATED REMINDERS when a piano is due for service as well as for UPCOMING APPOINTMENTS

Keeping up with the next service date for a few pianos is hard enough. But with hundreds it would be impossible to remember to get in contact with every single client. Gazelle can automatically send an email or text when a client’s piano is due for its tune up. And if you are the type of person that phones customers Gazelle can notify you when it is time to call.

Clients can click your scheduling link in the email and pick a date and time that works for them without having to play phone tag. And after an appointment is approved, Gazelle can send an automated reminder the day before and the day of the appointment. Since you can choose both text and email reminders your client will always be on top of their appointments. Clients will never forget a tuning appointment again with automated reminders from Gazelle to let them know when you’re coming to tune their piano. No more no shows! Using Gazelle for my reminders is one thing that keeps my business steady.

Gazelle lets you easily send repair estimates to customers so that they can bring their piano back to top shape

Stop leaving money on the table! It's no secret that we run in to a lot of pianos that need more work than just tuning to play at their best.

Normally when you need to send an estimate you have to manually create it and type it up for every piano. But Gazelle allows you to add any item from your service list and send it as an estimate.

You can easily create an Estimate & Condition report recommending specific repairs alongside pictures of the client’s piano so that it's always concert-ready. Estimates also work well for those that rebuild a lot of pianos. Since I find that most pianos that need a rebuild require restringing and action rebuilds, you only have to put together an estimate one time that can be sent over and over. Estimates are a huge time saver and if you are not using them you are leaving money on the table.

When your client receives the estimate they can take the time they need to look over it and if they choose to have the work done they can either schedule online or contact you directly with any questions.

Easily Send invoices right after completing an appointment

No more having to manually type up invoices or use a third party program.

After completing an appointment Gazelle lets you create an invoice to keep for your own records or send to your client.

You can even choose to let the client pay online with a card. This works well for churches and other places that do not have cash or checks. The best part?

Since the invoice is fully integrated into a client's records in Gazelle, their service history will immediately update to reflect every minor tweak and adjustment for better service at every visit.

Connect Gazelle with QuickBooks accounting software

No one likes tax season but Gazelle makes doing taxes easier by connecting with QuickBooks.

I do not use this feature my self as I only have a single one man business. But if you have a large business with technicians under you this would be a great feature. Every time you update a record in Gazelle it is updated in QuickBooks as well.

Getting started with Gazelle

Getting started with Gazelle is simple.

  1. Sign up for a free trial by Clicking here to get started, and you'll get a $100 gift card when you pay for your first month of service!
  2. Upload or mail in your customer data and wait for Gazelle to import your clients
  3. Configure the options on the setting screen that makes your business work for you
  4. Test your scheduling link to see if it is exactly what you want your customers to see

Gazelle's pricing

If you are a piano technician just starting out or if you service hundreds of pianos, Gazelle has a pricing plan that will meet your needs.

They will even import your data for free when you sign up for the free trial. When you sign up you can choose the number of active pianos you manage and the exact features you need.

No need to pay for online scheduling if you do not need that feature. You can either choose to pay one annual payment or monthly payments. I chose monthly but since I know I will be using Gazelle for a long time I am going to switch to yearly. Paying once yearly saves you around 2 months’ worth of pricing.

I believe Gazelle is very reasonably priced with plans starting at just $7 a month for beginning technicians.

Amazing support

Gazelle’s customer support is top-notch.

They called me on the phone to help set everything up after I signed up and went through everything step by step. I was very impressed! Any time I sent an email with a question, it has been answered in a timely manner. It is easy to get help when using the Gazelle app as it is always visible at the bottom of the screen.

There are many well-written help articles in the help center and you can live chat during business hours.

What other technicians are saying about Gazelle?

I’m not the only one who is impressed by the Gazelle CRM software for piano tuners.

What I’ve discovered is most users are all saying the same things:

Piano technicians who use Gazelle love the streamlined platform because it gives them more time to focus on what they love about their business—caring for pianos and the people who use them.

Here’s a quick roundup of some reviews from around the internet:

“I signed up to try Gazelle pretty early on in its development and also early in my switch from doing piano work part time to full time. I had tried a bunch of scheduling services … and had pretty much arranged everything how I liked it about the time Gazelle came around. I decided to at least give it a shot since there were a few limitations in my existing setup that I wasn’t happy about.” —Brandon, Facebook review

“Two complete months into my transfer over to Gazelle. and productivity is up 16.5% from last year. I thought I was busy last year … This was a big leap for me knowing my previous database was wrought with flaws … That’s why productivity has taken a leap … Everyone who needs a reminder of service is getting one. I look forward to the changes coming our way. For anyone reading this who is on the fence: Get off the fence. Get Gazelle.”

—Phil, Facebook review

“Gazelle has made my life easier through both the appointment reminders and the online booking. I spend probably 25 percent of the time I used to spend on the phone because of both of those.” —Ron, testimonial

“I just find it beautiful that you are doing what I always thought was necessary for my business, for my clients.” —Allan, testimonial

Overall, the reason I’m happy to give such a ringing endorsement to this CRM is that it really has everything a piano technician like me needs to provide my clients with exceptional service. Why? Because it’s designed specifically for us. With the tools provided in Gazelle, each appointment is optimized for maximum productivity, and I get to spend more time focused on the health and sound of my client’s piano.

Free trial of Gazelle

Gazelle has a 30-day free trial so you can easily decide if it is right for you or not. This gives you plenty of time to set everything up to your liking.

You can get started by Clicking here to get started, and you'll get a $100 gift card when you pay for your first month of service! Still not totally sure?

Schedule a demo of Gazelle

Still not so sure about hitting that start trial button, I understand! For those of you who think you are technology challenged it can be daunting! Well how about setting up a time for a 30-minute live demo?

You will be shown exactly how Gazelle works. You can have a one on one conversation with Timothy and he will answer any questions you may have.

Final thoughts

If you read most reviews they will have some sort of "cons section" about the software. However with Gazelle I couldn't find any! Perhaps paying a monthly price for some might be considered some sort of a con?

But I can certainly think of cons to the other systems I have tried! As I’ve integrated Gazelle into my operations as a piano technician, I’ve been very impressed by the program and will continue to use it for years to come. Not only does it have a positive impact on my business but most of all on my clients.

It really does help you save time and wow your customers!

So if you haven't yet, Click here to give Gazelle a try and you'll get a $100 gift card when you pay for your first month of service!

"Your success is our mission, and it’s what keeps us working hard to make Gazelle the best business management software it can be. If we help you make more money, save your time, and wow your customers with our ease of use, then we are doing our job to support your business."

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