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About Valley Piano Tuning

Valley Piano Tuning is a company that delivers excellent services for various piano needs. A business built on a foundation of integrity and professionalism, Blake Hardin, founder of Valley Piano Tuning, is committed to supplying necessary skills and time to bring your piano to its full potential.

He received his piano technician certificate from the School of Piano Technology in Vancouver, Washington, acquiring hands-on training in piano tuning, repair, regulation, and rebuilding. Learning and striving for unexcelled tending, be reassured that the services provided are directed to be top-quality.

His services include tuning, cleaning, appraisal, evaluation, repair, and regulation, offering assistance to homes, churches, schools, and much more! He has also expanded additional services to the community with private piano and guitar lessons, teaching both beginner and advanced skill levels.

Contact us to set up appointments or any questions you may have about any services we provide. We are located in Decatur, Alabama, and are willing to commute to North Alabama and Middle Tennessee locations. If you choose to select us for business, we promise to give quality care and customer service to you and your piano!

Piano Tuning

Has it been more than a year since your piano has had a tune up? Having a well tuned piano is an essential part of anyone’s development as a piano player no matter the age of the person as well as good maintenance of the instrument. Here at Valley Piano Tuning pianos are tuned completely by ear. Valley Piano Tuning tunes any make and model of piano. Tuning usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours depending on how long the piano has gone without being tuned. The tuning is always done in one appointment even if the piano requires a pitch raise. The piano is just like any other stringed instrument and requires periodic tuning to sound at its best. Because the piano’s strings and structure carry tension and is always stretching and moving over time, your piano should be tuned every 6 months or twice a year to keep it good and stable. New pianos need to be tuned 4 times a year for the first year because the structure and strings are still settling. The piano is built, largely, of wood, medal, and felt. These materials react to changes in temperature and humidity within your homes environment causing the piano to slowly go out of tune over time.

Piano Cleaning

Many people clean the outer case of the piano but do not realize the dust and other items that accumulate inside of the piano even though they may be a great house keeper. Dust is always in the air and after a while begins to find its way under the keys, inside the case, and on to the soundboard. If not cleaned and maintained once every 5 years or so the piano can begin to play sluggish. This occurs in both grands as well as uprights. Cleaning the piano consists of taking the case parts off, removing the action and keys and cleaning the key bed. Dust is also cleaned from the pedal trap work, soundboard, soundboard ribs, bridges and the back of the piano. After all the dust is cleaned from the piano the key pins that the keys rest on are polished and lubricated and the flanges are lubricated as well. This ensures there are no sluggish parts do to dust or friction and that your piano plays smoothly. This service can be done during a tuning appointment and be completed in around an hour.

Piano Repair

Are you tired of those sticking keys? Like any instrument a piano can require periodic repairs such as: broken hammers, sticking keys, key clicks, or general squeaks and annoyances. These are usually an easy fix and can be addressed during a tuning appointment.

Piano Regulation

Do you feel like your fighting the piano when you play? Many problems with the way a piano plays can be corrected with a regulation. Regulation is the process of aligning and adjusting the playing mechanisms of the piano to play and function like new. As mentioned before, the piano is the most complex piece of machinery in an average home and has around 9000 parts with around 4500 of them being movable. Around 30 adjustments can be made on a single key. The piano has an intricate design of gears and levers that are all linked to each other. When your piano was new from the factory, it was well regulated with a very responsive touch allowing you to repeat notes very quickly along with giving you precise control over volume and tone. But over the years as the piano is played, the hammers and action begin to ware down causing the piano to not play as well as it did when it was new. Hammers may become misshapen, Notes may not feel even from one to the next, dynamic control over volume and tone is lost, the tops of the keys may be uneven, and notes may not repeat as fast as they should. All of these problems can be corrected with a regulation of your piano. After a regulation is completed you will notice that the piano plays much smoother, has a greater dynamic range, and even has a much better tone. After the piano is regulated then the piano is tuned and ready for your enjoyment.

Piano Appraisal

Here at Valley Piano Tuning we have seen many pianos listed on Craigslist and Ebay that either should be sold for much more than they are listed for, or some that should be sold for much less. If you are interested in selling your piano Valley Piano Tuning can help you determine the value ensuring that you get the right price for your piano! The piano will be inspected from top to bottom and you will be informed of any work that should be completed and the current value of your piano in today’s market. That old upright piano might just be worth more than you think. This service is usually completed in around an hour.

Piano Evaluation

Many people are looking to purchase a used piano from Craigslist, or someone else they may know. But what they may not realize that while the piano may play notes as well as look good on the outside, the inside could have major repairs that need to be done before it can be a playable instrument. Many times the seller is also unaware of this, not realizing how complex the piano is. The piano is the most complex instrument in the world having over 8000 medal, felt, leather, and wooden parts that cause it to play and function properly with about half of these parts being adjustable.

A customer of ours was given a free piano and wanted us to take a look at it and tune it up. The outside of the piano had been refinished by the previous owner (not very well) and had been stored in a house without being touched for 20 years. When we arrived, the piano’s pin block was so badly worn out that the piano could not be tuned and tuning pins had already been pounded in. The piano had also been subjected to moister at some point in its life and the key tops were coming off. Their were repairs done on the soundboard, action parts were worn, it had been restrung poorly with the coils around the tuning pins uneven causing any tuning that could be done to be unstable, and their was also a pin block back separation repair. This is a prime example of a piano that looked good on the outside but was in need of a major rebuilding job. This was a piano that we had to advise them not to waste their money on because the rebuilding job would cost thousands more than the piano was worth. Free pianos are usually free for a reason!

Valley Piano Tuning can help you make the right choice when purchasing a piano. Used pianos exist in many different sizes, ages, and conditions. Weather you are a beginner or a concert pianist Having an evaluation done of the piano before purchase ensures that the piano will meet your needs and that it is a quality instrument for you and your family. Valley Piano Tuning will personally inspect the piano from top to bottom and ensure that it is a worth while purchase. This service is usually completed in around an hour.

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